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About Me


As a former first responder working in emergency management for a decade, stress was unavoidable and constant. As a result I developed PTSD and struggled with it for years after leaving the field.  


In my search for holistic methods that would facilitate healing, I found that most seemed to stop working after a time. Then in 2013 my life changed.  I heard about a stress management method that facilitates the release of stress (energy) from the body through a natural process of muscle movements that originate from the nervous system; I was intrigued. 

This marked the beginning of my journey with TRE®. As I practiced regularly (and continue to do so), I noticed a decrease in PTSD and physical symptoms; they’re now both all but gone. In addition, overall, I’m calmer and more relaxed. 


Excited about the process and the prospect of sharing it with others, I became a Certified TRE® Provider in 2018.  I currently conduct workshops, individual sessions (virtual and in person) & lectures in the St. Louis Metro area, Metro East and throughout the state of Missouri. 


Your body has the innate ability to release stress & tension naturally; when you learn to recognize, honor and allow that process, you can move through your life from a place of calmness and groundedness. If you’re ready to “shake it off”, I’m here to guide you through the process.

Susan Sanders
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